Corporate Listening Office

TechnoGen has developed a new business transformational model called CLO (Corporate Listening Office). The foundational premise of the concept is to enable an enterprise become customer centric in their products and services offering , by harnessing customer sentiments, behaviors, interactions and their digital personas across social media, online and offline channels, and creating a single platform to enable true insights into customer's needs, challenges, aspirations and disappointments.

Why CLO?

  • CLO is targeted to achieve one goal – Customer Centricity
  • CLO helps customers to effectively build a trusted relationship to Maintain, Sustain and Innovate - Products, Services and Service levels
  • CLO helps organizations manage acquisition, service and opportunity costs
  • CLO helps organizations drive a better wallet share of customers

CLO - Tenents

  • Listen & Learn
  • Engage & Respond
  • Research & Innovate

CLO - Benefits

  • Enable better customer relation ship management - Understand customer behavior deeply in order to improve all customer related activities such as marketing, sales and service.
  • Enable Organization to make customer a partner in product or service strategy and partner in growth.
  • Enable organizations to move from product or service centric to customer centric.
  • Provide micro targeted product or service opportunities tailored to customer requirements.
  • Enable your customer to become your brand ambassador.
  • Enable direct and indirect channels to identify and increase revenue opportunities.