Innovation Hub

Technogen’s innovation hub continuously strives to provide our customers across different verticals with highly innovative and low cost solutions, by improving:

- Cost Benefit

- Operational efficiencies

- Customer experience

Our innovation Hub is driven by industry experienced and world renown thought leaders.


                              Customer Experience & Mobility

Platform designed to create board games that promote Engagement, Interaction, Collaboration and Competition in work place.

Helps management of mobile workforce - offers job creation, job dispatch, locating and tracking of remote workers, electronic timesheets and more

Solution that enable enterprises to communicate with their employees seamlessly via tablet application

Call Planner
Empower field reps to better plan their calls.

Visual event planning for hotels

Capture orders in pharmacy/retail settings.

DW/BI and Big Data Analytics

Textual ETL Engine
Converts Unstructured and semi structured data to structured format

ETL & BI Validator
Comprehensive DW testing and automation solution

Financial ETL engine
Custom ETL engine to convert the data according to financial industry compliances


End to end custom EMR solution for healthcare SMB segment.