Leveraging our internal subject matter experts, and project experience, TechnoGen specializes in implementation services and solutions in the following areas of expertise:

  • IT Modernization & Optimization
  • Datawarehousing & Business Intelligence
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Mobility
  • CRM
  • Health Information Technology
  • Cyber Security

IT Modernization & Optimization

TechnoGen has strong capabilities in IT (Process, Applications, Databases & Infrastructure) optimization which includes - consolidation, modernization, retirement and migration.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

In today's competitive marketplace, it is important to understand what creates value for customers. Many of our clients are on a transformational journey from being product and service centric to being customer centric. Data and information play a key role in understanding the customer. From inception, TechnoGen created a strong emphasis on data management addressing our client's data quality, governance and stewardship issues. TechnoGen clearly understands the importance of data and information visibility across the organization and most importantly for CXO's.

Big Data & Analytics

TechnoGen’s big data analytics practice is driven by big data evangelists, cloud era and Horton Works certified resource pool and innovative solutions.


TechnoGen’s mobility practice is driven by domain mobility experts, experience evangelists and strong certified developers. We are passionate about empowering organizations build mobile and NexGen web applications.


TechnoGen is investing in solutions to understand customer behavior to enhance the overall customer experience.

Health IT

Healthcare organizations are going through phases of tremendous changes. Healthcare technology is being stretched to meet new operating models while under pressure from multiple priorities and scarce capital availability.

Cyber Security

We offer an integrated range of skills, services and powerful NexGen solutions to prevent, protect, detect, and respond to ensure there is no phishing, spear phishing, hacking and cyber espionage in your network environments.