Cyber Security

As enterprises become increasingly digital, they are exposed to a growing number of threats that could hinder growth, derail business operations, and lead to considerable reputation damage. TechnoGen’s cybersecurity consulting services cover the entire gamut of assessment and certification. By recommending a Zero Trust Architecture, Technogen Inc places the focus on identity authentication and authorization without distinguishing between internal and external users or devices.


Network Assessment

A network security assessment typically involves a detailed audit of your organization’s network, especially from a security point of view. TechnoGen’s network assessment helps identify vulnerabilities in the network through measures such as penetration testing, which can help assess the magnitude of risk and the possible impact.  

Threat Assessment

The cyber security threat assessment from TechnoGen is an exercise that helps identify, analyse and evaluate the degree of risk that the existing cyber security controls pose. In turn, it enables our customers to choose the right tools and make informed decisions on cyber security investments. This can help optimize investments and resources, defend against possible threats and understand best-practices frameworks etc. 

Cloud Assessment

While cloud computing can bring a multitude of advantages, it also exposes organizations to considerable risks especially in the face of constantly changing cloud environments. TechnoGen’s comprehensive  cloud security assessment is designed to help you identify and mitigate security risks in cloud computing. This includes threats related to account hijacking, insider threats etc.


Technogen Inc also consults businesses on securing a variety of cyber security certifications including ISO, CMMC, NIST etc.