Human Resource Outsourcing Services

Our dedicated workforce solutions offer a customized, scalable approach to support a wide range of talent acquisition and consulting engagement models. The right workforce solution gives you the flexibility to grow your business with access to the right resources at the right time. Over the past several years, TechnoGen has been providing workforce solutions through different models such as contract to Hire, Corp to Corp, Direct and Hire Train Deploy (HTD).

Contract to Hire

With the rise of the “gig-economy”, businesses seek ways to fulfil their workforce needs through hiring remote workers or freelancers, or through otherf non-traditional roles. This has led to the growing popularity of contract-to-hire positions that are essentially short-term positions with the possibility that they might convert to a full-time position at the end of the contract. This offers the necessary flexibility to both parties, allowing them to test the waters before committing for the long-term.

Corp to Corp

A reference to Corp to Corp, or C2C, implies that one corporation makes payments to another corporation. In other words, the corporation owned by you is paying the corporation owned by the contractor.

A Corp to Corp arrangement is one where a small business owner pays a contractor, but the entity receiving the payment is not treated as an employee. Consequently, the employer does not have to go through the process of hiring employees for the small business or calculating employees’ salaries.


TechnoGen can help build your workforce with through our direct hire offering. Our consultants will help you find the right fulltime workforce including senior and executive-level professionals that possess the technical know-how, experience and personality traits, to successfully drive projects and core business initiatives.

Hire Train Deploy (HTD)

TechnoGen’s HTD offering follows the screen, hire, train and deploy approach. It allows enterprises to quickly find skilled and highly productive developers and engineers, leading to higher productivity, greater availability of skilled resources, and rapid ramp up. Such a model typically results in lower attrition and greater employee satisfaction.

Our training models help selected candidates grow into leaders with excellent domain and technical knowledge in several areas such as Java, Cloud, Web Technologies, SQL, Python, Kubernetes among the others.



As organizations across the globe wake up to benefits of technology adoption, implementing the right technology strategy and having access to a competent IT workforce are crucial. 

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