RAP-AI-based Hyperautomation

RAP is a product suite that provides practical AI solutions for digital business transformation.   To accelerate process automation and digital transformation,  the RAP product suite contains two solutions – RAPFlow – an AI orchestration platform for building content intelligence solutions, and RAPBot – a RPA tool for end-to-end automation.  RAP focuses on process automation and to achieve peak operational efficiency.  This is achieved through Intelligent Process Automation(IPA).  RAP automates individual processes and connects multiple workflows to achieve end-to-end process automation.   All business processes run like clockwork with automation powered by  RAP.   Below are the key components of the RAP product suite:

RAPFlow -

RAPFlow is an AI-powered platform that enables automation of all kinds of business documents.  RAP automates form recognition and field validation to improve productivity,  eliminate costly manual errors and save 50% of processing costs.  RAPFlow completely eliminates manual intervention across the business process.  RAPFlow supports and accurately processes a multitude of document formats.  All scanned forms are processed in seconds or minutes and not in hours when executed manually.  RAPFlow also supports handwriting recognition with 95%+ accuracy.

RAPBot -

RAPBot enables high-volume, rule-based, and data-intensive processes to boost operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge.  RAPBot automates workflows providing unlimited scalability and minimal manual intervention. RAPBot enables enterprises to harness powerful disruptive technology to provide the required market edge. RAPBot is the right solution for high-volume, rule-based, data-intensive processes.  Some of the examples are Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivable, Payroll,  Support Tickets and Reports Generation.  RAPBot deployment is very quick, and the process-focused approach enables rapid deployment in a matter of few weeks.  Enterprises are able achieve 50%+ ROI within a matter of months.  RAPBot can be used to automate any task and has unlimited operational scalability.  RAPBot is platform agnostic and has a very low infrastructure footprint.  RAPBot enables up to 70% reduction in processing costs which accelerates the ROI for the enterprise.