Financial Services and Insurance

BFSI has its unique set of technology challenges along with a complex set of regulations and industry best practices. Our expertise and IT solutions for BFSI are helping organizations deal with regulatory requirements and market opportunities. Our solutions help the banking and finance industry drive innovation, customer loyalty, and better decision-making capabilities. As banks continue to evolve and adapt, hyper automation becomes a key player in the process.

TechnoGen’s BFSI Solutions – Hyper Automation & Data Analytics

Our Hyper Automation tools such as RAPFlow and RAPBots enhance the overall customer and employee experience. They help perform some of the transactional aspects of banks such as KYC, loan processing, credit card processing, trade execution and same day transfer as well as account closure.

Certain mortgage processes that include document recognition, mortgage loan fraud check, employment and income verification can be handled seamlessly by financial services using Hyper Automation. Credit history verification, check for compliance and risks, verifying flood zones are additional benefits of this solution.

Insurance related processes such as insurance claim processing, appeals processing and responding to partner queries is a lot simpler with the RAPBots. In addition, TechnoGen’s Data Analytics solutions help bankers create Chatbots and other AI processes. These solutions help in speech analytic customer service, social media analytics and prediction as well as detection of fraud. Our solutions also help financial services to develop a business continuity strategy to recover and restore operations after a catastrophic event.

  • RAPFlow
  • RAPBots
  • KYC


Hyper Automation & Data Analytics


banking and finance industry drive innovation
Banking, Financial Services and Insurance-TGI HYPER AUTOMATION & DATA ANALYTICS


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