Datagaps is a comprehensive ETL and BI Test Automation Solution that provides complete coverage for test automation to enable Cloud Data Transformation and Report Testing. The Datagaps solution consists of  multiple key components –  ETL Validator, BI Validator, Data Flow and other value-added components that have been designed to help customers automate the testing of ETL, BI, Data Warehouse, Data Lake,  Flat File and XML data sources.  The Datagaps solution supports all legacy and modern data/reporting platforms like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Tableau, Salesforce, Microsoft Power BI,  Azure Synapse SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos and others.  Below are the key components of the Datagaps solution:

The ETL Validator component of Datagaps is an industry leading ETL Test Automation tool that enables ETL validation during data migration and transformation. ETL Validator supports all Relational, Flat Files, XML, NoSQL,  Cloud and Big Data sources.  ETL validator comes with an in-built ETL engine that enables extracting and comparing millions of records from multiple data sources.  ETL Validator has a unique Test Case Builder with drag & drop capabilities and query builder that enables defining tests without manually typing in queries.

The BI Validator component of Datagaps helps automate the comparison of report data with database query output thus enabling end-to-end testing of BI reports and Dashboards.  BI Validator connects to any ODBC-enabled data source and provides seamless comparison of data between reports from various BI tools.

The DataOps Dataflow component of Datagaps is a modern web-browser based solution for automating the testing of ETL, Data Warehouse and Data Migration projects.  DataOps Dataflow enables injection of data from varied data sources and publishes the variances to a database.  It is easy to setup, use and create dataflow in a matter of minutes.  DataOps Dataflow is an ideal solution testing tool for big data either on-premises or in the cloud.  DataOps Dataflow can integrate with all modern and advanced data sources including RDBMS, NoSQL, Cloud and File-based.

The Test Data Manager (TDM0 is a self-service component of Datagaps that allows the QA team and business users to independently create test data on their own.  Using Test Data Manager, QA teams and business users can build, store, manage, edit, subset and mask test data that is required to cover all test scenarios.  Test Data Manager helps GDPR compliance by hiding sensitive and private data using data masking best practices.

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