Cloud Based Services

Traditional technology environments can make it difficult for businesses to scale and respond to changing market demands. Adopting cloud-based infrastructure is crucial to delivering flexible, on-demand access to technologies.

While businesses understand the benefit of cloud computing, ensuring that the move to the cloud happens in the most optimal way is extremely complex. Our Cloud solutions are designed to help you migrate and scale up, optimize and accelerate as well as innovate and execute in cost effective ways.

Cloud transformation and migration refers to the process of moving to a cloud-based architecture from a legacy on-premise architecture. This process is often more complex than a simple ‘lift and shift’ approach. Instead, it calls for a complete transformation of the organization’s IT infrastructure.  Technogen Inc brings in the required expertise to make this a seamless and structured process.

Cloud optimization involves the process of ensuring that an organization is optimizing the use of its cloud resources by leveraging them for the right applications and workload. The right balance of performance and cost ensures that the cloud infrastructure operates with the highest efficiency.

DevOps is a set of practices that help integrate the processes between software development and IT teams to drastically cut down on development time. TechnoGen helps organizations embrace the DevOps methodology and accrue maximum benefits.

TechnoGen has access to a set of tools and procedures help businesses to monitor and secure applications and workloads, whether they are housed across multiple clouds or partially on-premise. This enables seamless orchestration of the cloud infrastructure for smooth operations.

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