Data and Analytics

Data Analytics Services

The explosion in data in conjunction with powerful analytics has created innumerable opportunities for businesses. Data modernisation, data engineering, and analytics are allowing organisations to use data to their advantage.

TechnoGen’s big data analytics solutions help transform your complex data sets into intuitive & effective reports, dashboards, and visualizations to derive useful insights and enable better decision making. Our Big Data Solutions include customer analytics, marketing analytics, sales analytics, supply chain analytics, HR analytics and risk analytics. 

Through our Data Gaps Data Integration & Business Intelligence testing software to empower enterprises with the most comprehensive ETL & BI testing automation platform.

TechnoGen Inc’s BI Validator is the most comprehensive solution in the market that is patented and completely automates regression, performance, upgrade and stress testing of Business Intelligence Applications. This was designed to cut down costs, to minimize testing time and to deliver accurate insights to business users.

Data modernization or the process of moving data from legacy to modern databases plays a critical role. It lies at the heart of any data analytics effort and helps unlock the immense potential of the data.

TechnoGen provides the most comprehensive ETL & BI testing automation platform that provides the advantages of 100% test coverage, repeatability, cost reduction, and faster time to market.

As our lives become increasingly connected, TechnoGen.’s IoT services allow businesses to harness their true potential, creating value through actionable insights powered by data. Through an integrated approach that ties together hardware (sensors) with the software layer, TechnoGen empowers businesses to improve decision making, transform business processes, and impact business outcomes.


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