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US based Hospitality Management Company Reaped a 300% ROI from Hyper Automation.The competitive business environment in the hospitality industry demands innovation and transformation. As data becomes pervasive and more difficult to manage, hospitality industries are turning to AI-driven RAP (Rapid Acceleration Partner) solutions. From handling and maintaining customer and staff records, saving costs, enabling seamless guest services to offering personalized experiences, TechnoGen’s Hyper Automation solutions provide needed innovation.

TechnoGen’s Hospitality Solutions – Hyper Automation

Our Hyper Automation solutions, RAPFlow and RAPBot, are primarily built on no code/low code platform. They come with pre-installed API models that facilitate automated and flexible deployment. With the help of RAP solutions, the hospitality industry can enhance efficiency and productivity, reduce  operating expenses by 30-70% and automate nearly any task. Further, our solution helps in functions such as bank reconciliation, accounts receivable, accounts payable, managing ledger and report generation. Businesses in this sector can reduce ad-hoc costs and help ease the burden on staff by reducing manual tasks.

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Hospitality Management Company Reaped


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