FocalCXM – CXM for Life Sciences

FocalCXM is an integrated product suite focusing on ‘Customer Experience Management’  to deliver value to Life Science customers for automating their Sales & Ordering Process.   FocalCXM is a digital product suite covering Call Planning, Customer Engagement,  Order Capture, and a comprehensive Rebates Management Solution.   FocalCXM works seamlessly along with existing Salesforce and Veeva environments and provides a very intuitive mobile interface to enable the sales team to complete their tasks with a few clicks on their mobile device.  Below are the key components of FocalCXM:

RepScape -

RepScape empowers sales teams to plan their calls and execute them easily in the field.  RepScape provides a 360-degree view of the customer both in online and offline mode.  RepScape provides a Call Planning Grid, Customer Radar, Call Execution Templates,  Seamless Salesforce Integration and Gmail Integration.  RepScape enables both Online and Offline Call Planning, Improved Productivity and Better Customer Insights.

StoryPulse -

StoryPulse is a robust assessment solution to empower customer facing teams.  Training,  Brand Managers and Sales Managers can define assessments of various types and publish them to the field.  The sales/customer facing teams can gather information and synchronize with all popular CRM systems including Salesforce and Veeva.  StoryPulse enables to define engaging content, multiple types of assessment, games, and surveys to educate sales teams and help organizations assess, educate and engage every customer.

OrderZen –

OrderZen is designed to help the sales team to capture leads manually or from business cards.  OrderZen enables to securely connect all customer data for a single, unified view of the customer.  OrderZen takes a step further on customer engagement and triggers proactive engagement and automates communications.  The real time integration with Salesforce,  SAP and other enterprise solutions ensure that the sales team have the latest inventory position on their phones.

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