What do we hear when we read any newspaper? What do we listen to when checking out any news channel?

“Innovation…” “Transformation…” Right?

The world is changing. In the 21st century, technology has received the topmost position concerning the innovation we have seen. The connecting power of technology has given rise to several innovative products and services. This has led to the transformation in our way of living.

Let\’s take an example to understand how cyber strategies have led us to change our belief about 21st-century technology. Consider the smartwatch created by Apple and later recreated by Redmi. No one in the 20th century would have imagined a watch that can connect with your phone. Right?

It just keeps pushing the imagination power of its audience. With the audience, we meant the users of the technology that developed. A kind of wristband, this watch connected with your phone and can give you regular signals of messages, calls, notifications, etc. that you might miss in case your phone is in silent mode. It also provides a facility to count the number of steps you walked during the day, which will ultimately help you in judging your calories burnt, fitness level, etc.

The technology has created a personalized experience like chatting with your friends using the smartwatch. To build an innovative, customer-focused, connected experience, every single company needs to utilize cyber strategy in one or the other way.

Once a device connected to a sensor, it is, in turn, connected to the network giving rise to a new cyber vulnerability. We can see this cyber vulnerability giving rise to large scale use of cyber strategy in fields like communication. You might have come across entertainment venues, transportation infrastructures, etc. connected with the network to give it an additional add-on customer experience.

With the increase in the use of cyber strategy, there is a risk of security. Just not security, it may lead to a decrease in the use of cyber policy as incidents may destroy the value of cyber strategy in the classical sense.

Cybercrime may lead to the casting of the organization’s efforts to use the technology to build a systematic and risk-free environment for its users. Though Digital and Connected technologies are still fertile ground, and lots more to be innovated, but this cyber vulnerability may lead to the uncapping of the potential organizations that have to innovate and transform with the usage of technology. But, humans have always been capable of accepting vulnerabilities that have come, and that will come in the future. They have been successful in solving all the problems that they have faced. Surprisingly they have put their lives and jobs at risk to save the technology.

It said that cyber vulnerability is everywhere, and it will just become more prevalent in the future. Whether or not, we need to accept that cyber strategy is everywhere. It keeps us lively and develops our minds to be innovative and experimenting.

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