TQM stands for Total Quality Management. Quality usually makes sure that focus is totally on

fulfilling customer needs and preferences. Products that are customer-driven ensures that

the product is beyond the customer requirement.

As soon as organizations improve their quality, new expectations have grown in the mind of

customers. Understanding this scenario, small and big the organization anticipates these changes

required to satisfy the customers.

Total Quality Management acts as powerful management that brings internal and external

customers to give the best product with limited resources.

Now that we have talked about what TQM stands for and its benefits let me say something

about field services before jumping on the topic of how TQM is advantageous in field services.

Field service was referred to as military jargon in the 16th century. Though this century

technicians are not very well versed and workaholic, field services carry a lot of importance in

the present decade. But it brings a lot more value than just jargon. To understand what field

service is, let me take you through the common working points of the field services.

a. Maintenance

b. Repair

c. Installation

d. Business Consultation

Let us take one by one and understand how TQM helps in improving the quality of the services

in each segment of the field services.

Repair: With TQM, it is made sure that the repair work that was done is feasible and workable.

For example, if a machine used in the fieldwork is  broking, then a service technician will make a

field visit and try and resolve the issues that persist.

Maintenance: Maintenance comes under the preventive measure of field services. To avoid the

regular wear and tear of the devices, steps that are taken with TQM in mind which ensures that

devices are long-lived.

Talking about Maintenance, it is of 3 types of:

a. Preventive

b. Predictive

c. Corrective

Installation: To understand this, let me help you with an example. For example, you purchased

a washing machine and asked for a salesperson to come and install it. Now, considering the

principles of TQM, after the installation work, the salesperson will do some testing, which

ensures that the device has a long life.

Business Consultation: A field service visit at the time of failure is not just enough to solve the

issue. It can also involve analysis of your business and, accordingly, what are the customer

demands. How can those demands be fulfilled without any additional resources utilization is

what TQM does at the time of consultation.

It was expected that by 2022, there would be an exponential growth in the field services. It will

account for more than 3 Billion Euros. Therefore, it should not be surprising that there is a lot of

changes and improvisations that we see day by day in the field services. TQM works as a

management consultant in the field services and makes sure that no additional funds were

utilized, and there is an effective system driven for the betterment.

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