Cyber Security

Global Challenges to Cybersecurity

Have you been on news lately talking about the cyber-attacks across the world? Did you know around 21% of computers and phones are infected with malware in India alone and nearly 1/3rd in the world. A great emphasis is being stressed on the Cyber Security to combat the threats estimated in 2019. A lot of Cyber security events are being organized in India, USA, UK and EU in 2019. Cyber Security is a term which is so often used in the world of technology we live in today. With the increasing data flow and dependability on digital world all across sectors the possibility of data loss, theft and damage is immense. In simple words, Cyber Security is nothing but technology designed to protect our hardware, software and data from theft, damage, loss, hacking and phishing. According to Cyber Security Ventures, the damage related to cyber security crime is projected to hit $1 trillion annually by 2021.

Cyber Security Threats

Which also indicates the cyber security threats have taken a new trend which only accelerates the damage. Some of the 2019 trends observed are – Phishing getting more to steal user logins, credit card credentials and financial information, Crypto jacking , state sponsored attacks, cyber-physical attacks, IoT Attacks etc., IT Companies are coming up with latest security technologies to counter these threats like Hardware authentication, UBA (User Behavior Analytics), encryption and tokenization, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

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