The Digital Revolution

Digital Technologies and Digitized Data

Digitalization has driven major advances and has improvised the lives of the people throughout the world. Being at the top of the priority list companies have been focusing on two aspects – Inventing better solutions with digitalization and delivering superior customer experience. Digitalization has influenced almost all the sectors – Government, Manufacturing, Banking, Health, Service, Fashion, Media. Yes, a decade ago it would have been alien for us to imagine operating bank accounts via mobiles or having a language translator app, have social networking so convenient, having Cloud computing to store and process data rather than your personal computer or have a GPS directing our way when travelling. In short, digitalization has integrated with the society so much that on one side every company is striving to come out with innovative and new solutions via digitized approach to solving old problems. On the other side its benefits and challenges are becoming a focal point of question.

Digital Transformation and Digitalization 

Digitalization provides new opportunities and enhances economic growth. Collaborative business have reduced the production costs, distance education opportunities are available, an increased demand of labor in the service industry has helped job creations, internet platforms like search engines or marketing websites enables the companies and consumers to network. This networking plays a key role in improving the quality as per customers’ demands. With an endless list of advantages there have been debates on the downside as well. Data security and privacy concerns have been topping the list. With so much of data availability how safe and secure is the information of the user. Excessive workload and interruption in personal life has been a concern. Dependability on machinery can cause losing the labor skill which surely is not a good sign. All in all, with all the advantages and challenges, digital technology has revolutionized every aspect of our lives today and it cannot be denied that today’s world cannot do without.

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