As a recruitment manager, you are always looking to increase your placement rate. Also, a day has only limited hours, and you have to make the most of your time in selecting suitable candidates for the given position. Now, to help you to increase your productivity, here we have listed a couple of handy tips.

1)    Invest in Automation

Consider automating routine tasks. By doing like, you can shift your focus to more profitable, challenging areas. Remember, you can boost your productivity by focusing on the more important matters and coming up with newer ways of working. Further, you can utilize the time saved on routine tasks on discussions with clients, prospective candidates, and applicants.

You can use TrackerRMS for a variety of routine tasks. These include the screening of candidates\’ resumes, sending reference requests, displaying vacancies on job boards, responding to applicants, conducting a search on job boards, among others.

2)    Refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer

Recruitment managers have the tough task of pursuing the eligible candidates for the given job. Now, to achieve the desired results, you must be persistent. Also, you should have complete knowledge of the situation and be able to convince the candidate by emphasizing on the perks, promotions, among other job benefits.

3)    Install Chatbox on your company website to respond to candidates’ queries

Hiring managers are responsible for providing answers to the questions posed by candidates. Rather than answering basic questions, they can consider using Chatbots on the website to save time.

Olivia and Mya are some Chatbot options to avail of. Also, fortunately, Chatbots can work round-the-clock while giving answers to the candidates’ questions faster and effectively.

4)    Track your time

Hiring managers have a range of tasks. If you lost on how to work efficiently, a good start would be to start tracking your time. Apps such as Toggl and Rescue Time can track your time. RescueTime gives reports of your daily online activities. With Toggle, you can use one-click timers to check the time spent on a particular task.

When you start tracking your time, you may perceive that some tasks are taking longer than they should. Accordingly, you can start planning on streamlining time-consuming jobs.

Besides, you can know the most productive time of the day and reschedule the most important tasks for the stipulated part of the day.

5)    Distribute your time

Checking emails throughout the day has become a routine; although, the minutes start to add up. Also, research studies indicate that you can find your focus again (after checking emails) on the current tasks after around 20 minutes.

Now, to avoid wasting time on checking emails, you can switch off all notifications on all your devices. Also, devote specific time intervals responding emails, such as 20 minutes or so when you arrived at the office in the morning and, again, after lunch.

Further, if you worry about missing something important, adding a note to your email signature to let people know how to get your attention, urgently is advisable. When you do so, the candidate can call to inform (rather than send emails) that they will be late for an interview.

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